Common Questions You May Have About Roofing

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It plays a crucial role in protecting you and your family, it’s one of the largest investments from rain and snow and also affects your home’s overall appearance. These are only a few of the reasons why we take roofing your home so seriously.

Since your house is such a large investment, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to dealing with the replacement or repair of your roof. Here are a few questions we answered that may help you out!

Q: How can you tell when your roof needs replacing?

A: There are many different signs that you can use that will give you a good idea of when to call us for a replacement. For starters, age plays a big part in it. Generally, roofs last about 20 years before they need replacing however, sometimes they may need replacing earlier. Look for dark spots on the surface of the shingles on your roof. This is a big sign that you should get your roof checked. Another big sign is if you can spot any curling or buckling of the singles. This could be caused by a variety of different reasons but you may want to consider a replacement if this is occurring. Last, we suggest checking your gutters for any roofing granules. If you find extreme amounts of these falling off and ending up in your gutters, it is time to replace your roof. This is usually caused by age as well but it is another good sign that it’s time for a replacement!

Q: What if my roof has a major leak and needs to be fixed before my job can be started?

A: If there is an associated repair and we have signed the contract, we will go to your home to help take care of the issue until we can begin the actual roofing project. We want to make sure that our customers feel comfortable with calling us for help in any situation dealing with their roof. Our roofing specialist will do whatever they can to help!

Q: When would be a good time to call to get my roof done?

A: We are pretty busy in the summer but the earlier you call, the better! If you are considering getting it done in the Spring, calling as early as fall or late winter is suggested.

It is always good to get a free roof inspection when any of these things occur or when you just feel it may be time. We will be happy to inspect, repair or advise of how much life is left in the roof. Peranich & Shelp, always Simply the Best.

For more information on roofing call Pernanich & Shelp and let our roofing specialist help protect and beautify your home!! (607) 724-1998